The Best Ways To Find Diamonds In Minecraft


When it comes to ore in Minecraft, nothing can compete with diamonds. This elusive resource has been a part of the game since its inception and has remained the most powerful ore for both building and combat purposes.

With its light blue glistening appearance, the resource can often be confused with others of a similar color, but its practical uses are superior to all. Thankfully, you can find diamond ore around every Minecraft world, but sadly, it’s not so easily located.

Here are some of the best tips and methods you can use if you plan on setting out to locate and mine diamonds in your Minecraft server.

The Best Ways To Find Diamonds In Minecraft

There are a handful of helpful hints that you can use to find diamonds, but at the end of the day the specific location of the ore is randomized from one world to another. Here are some tricks that will give you the highest chance of successfully locating the ore.

  • Diamonds are most commonly found between layers 5 and 16. More than any other, layer 12 seems to be where the ore is seen, so you should start your search there. To check the Y value you are currently at in-game, press F3 on PC or FN+F3 on Mac.
  • Make sure that if you see any caves on your journey, you scope them out for diamonds. The ore can often be found hidden away in randomly-generated cave systems.
  • There are several methods you can use that will help out for more efficiently searching for diamond ore:
    • The Staircase method of mining is quite self-explanatory. You’ll want to begin digging down in a staircase shape at a 45-degree angle so that you can more easily return to the surface simply by walking back up the stairs. During your dig, you may encounter the illustrious ore.
    • The Branch method is slightly different and takes some more work. First, make a two-by-two tunnel straight ahead. Then begin mining in lines every three blocks. This is going to cover quite a bit of area, and as mentioned before, layer 12 is a good place to start.
    • Finally, Strip mining is the most thorough method to search for diamonds but also the most boring. This method sees the player dig down to their desired level and begin mining out in all directions, making the square bigger and bigger while remaining on the same layer as they go.
  • If you do find diamonds, make sure you dig nearby to the ore, as it can often be found in groups. Check the surroundings thoroughly.
  • The final Minecraft tip we’ve got for you is to bring torches. You’re going to need them no matter what method you chose.