Bethesda Announces 360 Exclusive DLC For Fallout: New Vegas

Good news and bad news for Fallout fans. First the good news, there will be an expansion for New Vegas released “this holiday season” according to Bethesda Softworks, the game’s publisher. If we’re to take Fallout 3 as an example, we can assume New Vegas’s DLC will be expansive, fun and lengthy. So that’s great, right?

Well, here’s the bad news, in the same announcement this morning, Bethesda also made it clear that the DLC will be 360 exclusive. For how long? They didn’t say. But timed exclusivity for the Xbox 360 isn’t too wild a guess. Fallout 3’s expansions were on the 360 first, and many other games (like Grand Theft Auto IV) had their DLC 360-exclusive for a few months to a year before they went to the PS3 or PC.

Look for Fallout: New Vegas to hit retail shelves tomorrow, Oct. 19th for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.