Bethesda Cools Talk Of Skyrim Remaster For PS4, Xbox One


After announcing a Fallout anthology in the lead up to the hotly-anticipated debut of Fallout 4, not to mention the recent release of Dishonored: Definitive Edition, some hopeful fans believed it was a question of when – rather than if – Bethesda would unveil a remastered version of Skyrim. Alas, it appears this simply isn’t the case.

In the transition from last generation to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, developers across the board have released a cavalcade of HD remasters and definitive editions of existing titles, though Bethesda Softworks Vice President of PR and Marketing, Pete Hines, has cooled rumors of Skyrim making its way onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Speaking to the Examiner, Hines noted that Dishonored: Definitive Edition was not only a revamped version of the last studio title to be released for PS3 and Xbox 360, but its HD remaster was designed to “bridge the franchise” ahead of next year’s sequel.

I think it’s largely because it was the last thing we did on previous-gen. It was the year before the new consoles came out and it felt like a good fit. We had a plan and an idea to get it so all of the folks who bought next-gen consoles and might have skipped out on the game at the end of the [Xbox] 360 and PS3 cycle, [now] had the chance to play it on next-gen.

Plus, the fact that we announced [Dishonored 2], which is coming out next year, it does serve as a way to get [the series] in front of more folks. Again it’s another way to bridge the franchise until Dishonored 2 comes out.

Couple this with the fact that Bethesda has The Elder Scrolls Online to contend with and the already slim chances of seeing Skyrim make the jump to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One appear to be all but extinguished.

On the other hand, the studio is preparing another massive open-world in the form of Fallout 4, which is sure to sate the appetite of RPG fans come November 10.

Source: Examiner

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