Bethesda Registers Fallout 4 Trademark In Europe

fallout 4 teased

If there was any remaining doubt that a new Fallout game was headed our way after last week’s discovery of the teaser website thesurvivor2299, it should completely disappear with today’s news that Bethesda has trademarked the name Fallout 4 in the European Union.

As is typically the case, the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Markets listing rattles off a long list of things that Bethesda Softworks could do with their shiny new trademark. While all of those uses are technically possible, we are willing to bet that there will be a “Computer software” product released long before a Fallout 4 branded “fire-extinguishing apparatus” is produced.

While nothing is official until we get a confirmation from Bethesda, the recent teaser website and this trademark paint a pretty clear picture of what the developer is currently working on. Assuming there is any truth to the rumors from last January, it seems like we could be getting an official confirmation of the Boston-based Fallout 4 in the near future.

The countdown clock on thesurvivor2299 ends on December 11th, 2013. We will keep our eyes open for whatever pops up at that time and let you know if it turns out to be the official Fallout 4 announcement that we have all been waiting for.