Bethesda Teases E3 2015 Showcase, Fallout 4 Curiously Absent


Each year, the developers and publishers of the video game industry gather under the same roof in Los Angeles to dazzle audiences with a pre-emptive look at upcoming software. Interestingly, for the first time in the event’s history, E3 2015 will play host to Bethesda, which has fuelled speculation of a Fallout 4 announcement since it was first confirmed a couple of months ago.

Now, with little under two months until the big day – the publisher’s conference is slated for June 14 – Bethesda has unveiled a teaser image that brings together some of the company’s key franchises. Embedded above, we can see characters from Doom, Wolfenstein and even cult stealth title Dishonored; what it also reveals, though, is the curious absence of one Fallout 4.

Of course, it’s almost a given that Bethesda will make a reference to the much-anticipated sequel at some point during the presentation, and it’s likely that the publisher is merely saving its ace card for the grand reveal on June 14. In fact, Vault Boy and the Fallout franchise in general could very well be embodied by the question mark in the front row. Either way, those looking to uncover any pre-emptive tidbits from the image above will be left disappointed.

We’ll have all of the information from Bethesda’s E3 conference here for you on We Got This Covered as the event happens. According to the publisher, a live stream will be hosted for those who aren’t able to attend, meaning we’ll all be together in one form or another when that fabled Fallout 4 announcement becomes a reality. At least, that’s what we hope.