Beautiful Beyond: Two Souls Footage From E3 2013


While showing all of the great-looking stuff that is in line for the PS3’s last year in the limelight, Sony took the time to showcase some new footage from Beyond: Two Souls. Without a doubt, what was shown definitely won my Best of Montage award, as it looked stunning.

During the new footage, Ellen Page’s character was shown training for her role in a military program. She ran, climbed and pushed her digitized self through fitness tests, then the clip changed to show some stealth infiltration in a Middle-Eastern-looking environment. That scene, which featured the character powersliding into a cover position, then switched to a mission briefing, with great voice work and great animation quality, before more action-oriented content was shown.

Aided by that trailer, I must admit that Beyond: Two Souls has shot right up there with other big 2013 releases on my radar. Hopefully it’ll exceed all of its hype.