Beyond: Two Souls Has Sold Over One Million Copies Worldwide


The PlayStation 3 exclusive Beyond: Two Souls has passed the 1 million units sold mark, according to developer Quantic Dream. The cinematic adventure title was released worldwide back in October.

The news was revealed via a ‘word cloud‘ post on the developer’s website, as the game reached 1 million sales just before Christmas. Quantic Dream also took the time to thank fans for supporting their latest effort

While the number seems impressive, it’s worth noting that Beyond: Two Souls is currently lagging behind Quantic Dream’s previous title, the 2010 released Heavy Rain, in terms of sales. That game passed the 1 million mark in just over two months following its launch.

Although I have not played Beyond: Two Souls yet, it’s always a good thing to see an original IP do well. The games developed by Quantic Dream and David Cage are not always the most well-received, but it appears that the company is building up a decent sized following. It should be interesting to see how the company’s next release does and if thier audience will follow them onto the next generation of consoles.

If you are wondering what we thought of Beyond: Two Souls, you can find our review right over here.

Tell us, are your surprised that Beyond: Two Souls has sold as well as it has? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: MCVUK