Big Metal Gear Solid: Rising News Coming This Winter

Despite the fact that Metal Gear Solid: Rising will not be shown at E3 next week, Konami’s head honcho wants to keep it in gamers’ minds. Shinji Hirano – the publisher’s president, has confirmed that they will announce some big news regarding the title, in the future. We’re going to have to wait a little while though, considering the time-frame he gave to G4 was “this winter.” It should be worth waiting for, though. After all, it’s Metal Gear Solid!

“The reason why we didn’t mention information on Rising at this moment is because we are making something big, and that is coming for this winter season,” said Hirano. “So please everybody expect to see some news for Rising this winter season.”

During Konami’s pre-E3 press conference this past Thursday, Hideo Kojima told the audience that news regarding the game would not be available at next week’s industry event. However, he did tease it a bit by showing off some brief gameplay footage.

Kojima also went on to mention that the game will be available in 2012, for the XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3.

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