New Pokémon Leak Reveals Scrapped Gen VI Sequels


Seemingly out of nowhere, a number of Pokémon fans have stumbled upon a treasure trove of new details relating to the core video game series.

As relayed to their followers over on Twitter, user MrCheeze, having recently gained access to an internal-only build of 2017’s Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, has been pulling apart the various files tucked away in the 3DS games’ code and made some interesting discoveries in the process, to say the least. While the entire wealth of information is far too extensive to summarize here, one key takeaway from the leaks that fans have been fervently discussing online has to do with two specific file names.

The presence of “version_calos_reserve3” and “version_calos_reserve4” among the list of titles for every existing game in the franchise has led to the belief that Game Freak had, at one point in time, intended to develop direct sequels to Gen VI outings X & Y, though ultimately scrapped the idea for reasons unknown, seemingly preferring instead to begin work on Gen III remakes Alpha Ruby & Omega Sapphire as well as the original Sun & Moon.

According to further details provided by MrCheeze, these installments may have been called Pokémon XZ & YZ and would presumably have taken place, once more, in the Kalos region. Inspired by real world France and therefore believed to be in proximity to the UK-inspired Galar region introduced with last year’s Sword and Shield, many Pokéfans have held out hope for some time that a return visit to Kalos could be on the cards, either as a post-game area akin to Gold & Silver’s Kanto or as DLC.

With the second and currently final DLC for Sword and Shield, Crown Tundra, confirmed to take place on an entirely new landmass, however, it seems such a dream was never meant to be, though who knows what the future will bring. Assuming Game Freak does eventually deliver long-rumored remakes of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, though, it stands to reason that X & Y will eventually get the same treatment.