BioShock Infinite: Complete Edition Beckons You Back To The Floating City Of Columbia


Ahead of its launch in the UK on Friday, Take-Two has debuted the trailer for the BioShock Infinite: Complete Edition, which bundles together the core threequel along with the Clash in the Clouds add-on and the two Burial at Sea episodes.

The premium bundle is already available in North America, where it launched on Monday, November 3rd. Priced at $39.99 (£24.99), Infinite’s Complete Edition will also draft in some new weapons for in-game protagonist Booker DeWitt, including weapons and brand spanking new gear.

For those who have yet to play BioShock Infinite — the third entry into Irrational Games’ dystopian tale of xenophobia and horror — the spiritual sequel takes place in the sky city of Columbia, where Elizabeth, a young and mysterious woman with the ability to bend space-time, is being held captive.

And so, your grizzled protagonist accepts the mission to bring back the girl and wipe away his own debt — a journey that will see you encounter the wonderful Lutece Twins, automated George Washington statues with machine guns, and a Big Daddy-like Song Bird.

It’s is an absorbing, mind-bending story that is as cinematic as it is genre-defining. If BioShock Infinite goes down as the swan song for Irrational Games — now that the Ken Levine studio has effectively shut down — then the creative team can hold their heads highly.

BioShock Infinite: Complete Edition is now available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Tell us, do you plan on revisiting one of 2013’s most acclaimed titles this week?

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