BioShock: The Collection All But Confirmed Following New Leak



Evidence continues to mount that publisher 2K Games is on the verge of officially unveiling BioShock: The Collection, a definitive version of Irrational Games’ critically-adorned trilogy.

Word of a compilation to the series is nothing new, after Brazil’s ratings board appeared to confirm that said bundle was inbound. There’s still no official announcement from 2K though, indicating that a BioShock collection won’t make its bow until later in 2016, perhaps after an unveil during E3 in June.

Today’s latest tidbit emerges via Twitter, where user Lifelower shed light on box artwork for the purported BioShock: The Collection.

It’s certainly plausible, showcasing the lighthouse – there’s always a lighthouse, after all – featured in Infinite, while hidden beneath the waves is Andrew Ryan’s failed utopia of Rapture. Could we be revisiting Irrational’s series across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in the months to come? Surely an official unveiling is imminent after today’s latest rumor adding fuel to the fire.

BioShock: The Collection now appears to be all but confirmed, but are you interested in circling back to delve into Irrational’s trilogy?