BioShock: The Collection Trailer Invites You Back To Rapture


Almost ten years on from the moment Irrational Games swung open the majestic doors to Rapture, 2K has today unveiled a new trailer for BioShock: The Collection, touting the revamped graphics for all three core titles.

Pegged to land across all platforms on September 13, the compilation features BioShock, its sequel, BioShock: Infinite and all single-player DLC – Minerva’s Den included. Those wanting to take a deeper dive into the history of the dormant series can also look forward to a commentary from Game Director Ken Levine and Lead Artist Shawn Robertson, as they guide you through the dark, dank corridors of Rapture all the way up to the clouds of Columbia.

As previously announced, those on PC should note that while The Collection does come packing BioShock: Infinite, it’s not a remaster of the original and is instead a regular port of the 2013 release. Blind Squirrel Games is the studio behind the soon-to-be-released package, having assisted development on Infinite three years ago.

There’s always a lighthouse. From Rapture to Colombia, BioShock: The Collection invites you to kindly dive back into Irrational’s series when the bundle arrives for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 13.