BioWare Job Listing Confirms Mass Effect 4 Multiplayer Component



If a recent job listing is to be believed, BioWare Montreal’s upcoming Mass Effect 4 will ship with a multiplayer component.

First picked up by GameSpot, the advertisement can be found over on the studio’s official page, where it specifics the need for an Online Producer, one who will help “create and champion the vision of the multi-player, connected experiences and online features of the game…” The vacancy was also confirmed via Chris Wynn’s Twitter feed, who acts as senior development director on the ME series.

Given that all of the previous mainline entries into the series have boasted some form of multiplayer component, it should come as no surprise that Mass Effect 4 will arrive boasting one of its own. It’s also interesting to note how Wynn was quick to defend its inclusion, stating that the addition of multiplayer won’t detract from the single-player campaign, which looks set to play a massive part in BioWare’s latest space odyssey.

Details on Mass Effect 4 are understandably scarce on the ground, though the fact that the studio did touch upon the status of the upcoming sequel at last year’s E3 via a behind-the-scenes video lends credence to the possibility of seeing tangible gameplay come June. One can only hope.

Source: GameSpot

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