BioWare Reveals Impressive Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Footage

Have you been itching to see what multiplayer will bring to the final installment of Commander Shepard’s Mass Effect trilogy? Well, you’re in luck, as BioWare has just released a revealing trailer for the new mode.

What this quick glimpse at online gameplay action shows us is that there will be different races, classes and unique abilities. You’ll notice terminal hacking, explosive melee moves and some other badass looking performances.

Being a gamer who enjoys single player campaigns more than Internet-based competitive modes, I always shudder upon hearing that formerly single player only franchises are adopting multiplayer options. At least, when it comes to the more traditional lobby matches. While it occasionally works out, the addition usually ends up being mediocre at best, feeling tacked on. Though, with that being said, I’m actually pretty impressed with what’s shown here. Hopefully BioWare has an ace up its sleeve with what looks like a very interesting new gameplay option.

Mass Effect 3 will release here on March 6. A demo will become available in mid-February, allowing us to test out aspects of the space combat shown above. It has been confirmed that the trial will include both single and multiplayer content, which is good to hear.

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