Bizarre Apex Legends Glitch Lets Players Get Into Vault Without A Key


As any Apex Legends worth their salt undoubtedly knows by now: loot is almost as important to success as innate skill.

Even if you’re the most reliable shot when it comes time to engage in frenzied skirmishes, if a member of the opposing team has a similar affinity for accuracy, the player left standing will almost always be the one with superior armor, a healthy supply of restoratives and best-in-class weapon attachments. That being the case, then, it’s not at all surprising that Apex‘s loot vaults – secure underground bunkers filled to bursting point with some of the best gear available – are often the first port of call for teams looking to get an early leg up on the competition.

Of course, were it that simple, the entire lobby in every match would immediately descend on the nearest vault to steal its contents, but only through the acquisition of an elusive key (dropped by overhead security drones) will you be granted access. Those are the official means of entry, at least, as one player has discovered another method of getting inside.

In order to replicate the exploit for yourselves, you and one other teammate will need to have a composition consisting of Revenant and Pathfinder.

Upon deploying from the dropship, head straight for Overlook and circle to the outside edge of the mountains bordering the map. Here, you’ll need to use the latter character’s grappling hook to slowly climb up the out-of-bounds terrain and come to a resting point parallel to that of the vault. One more grappling hook will then be required to bridge the gap between your current location and untold treasures, though the task isn’t over yet. Once outside, the Revenant player will need to activate their Death Totem ultimate and immediately jump off the map to their death. If placed correctly, they’ll be immediately respawned inside the vault and be free to loot to their heart’s content.

As for whether the entire painstaking process is worth it, the vault doors will remain locked from the inside, so unless you have a third with the key waiting outside – in which case, you could have just entered the location via normal means – the achievement has no practical use. Regardless, if you’re in the mood to try something new in Apex Legends, check out the video above for a guide on how to get started.