Bizarre Apex Legends Glitch Turns Characters Into Human Frogs

Apex Legends

As is usually the case whenever Apex Legends receives a large update, a number of unintended features have wormed their way in-game alongside the battle royale’s latest content patch. Bringing with it a bunch of cosmetics, a new game mode and a Town Takeover for master hacker Crypto last week, players still have just under a week left to ensure they unlock that one outfit they’ve been eyeing or, the ultimate prize, Mirage’s highly sought-after heirloom item.

What they likely won’t be sad to see the back of, however, is a glitch that makes hitting downed opponents considerably more difficult than intended. We are, of course, going under the assumption that the bug’s existence is linked in some way to Lost Treasures, though it’s equally likely that it could be sticking around for a while longer, depending on whether Respawn is aware of its existence or not.

But that’s beside the point. You can check out the strange behaviour for yourselves via Reddit courtesy of footage captured by user wolfhickey.

Definitely more humorous in nature than game-breaking, there are certainly some practical applications worth noting beyond, you know, mimicking a frog. When in the downed state, mobility is usually reduced to little more than a sluggish crawl. Assuming you’ve still got a fellow teammate still walking on two legs, making your way back to them with your newfound leaping power could result in an otherwise unlikely revival. With that said, it appears as if this particular oddity isn’t reliably replicated, so you’ll just have to pray for it to bless you the next time you hit the floor.

Apex Legends‘ Lost Treasures Collection event comes to a close next week, July 7th.