Black Desert Online Now Available


MMORPG fans itching for a new title to sink their teeth into may be in luck, as distributor Daum Games has officially released the English version of the long-anticipated PC game Black Desert Online.

Previously developed and released in Korea in 2014, North American and European players can now dive into an apparently gigantic mix of action-heavy gameplay, gorgeous and expansive sandbox environments, and plenty of quests and side activities.

The game has already received some buzz due to the earlier release of its character creation suite, which allows players to choose from eight varied classes and customize a protagonist with some of the most impressive graphics on the market. Those who previously used the app and uploaded character templates to the game’s servers will be able to play with that character and embark on a gargantuan quest focusing on two conflicted nations, but there is plenty more for those willing to sink in extra time.

Players can also farm, tame and breed animals, hunt, fish, and much more. Combat also takes a more real-time based approach when it comes to attacks, with the game allowing full gamepad support for those willing to learn the ins and outs of battle.

We’ll have a review for you on Black Desert Online available soon. In the meantime, check out the above launch trailer to get a taste of the game’s visual splendor.