Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 May Be Headed To The Wii U

While many of the previous major entries in the Call of Duty series did appear on the Wii aside their high-def counterpart, it has been unclear as to whether or not Activision plans to release the upcoming Black Ops 2 on the Wii U. Now, a shopper at Best Buy has spotted a major hint towards the existence of that particular version.

Among preorder tags for the game at one store were slips specifically labeled with the Wii U logo. While nothing official has been announced yet by Activision regarding this discovery, the Best Buy employee who made the cards has let info slip that the barcodes on the slips do definitely go towards the pre-purchase of a Wii U version, and that SKUs for the game do exist in the store system.

Having a Call of Duty game that is equal in graphical horsepower compared to Microsoft and Sony could be a major win for Nintendo, and it only makes sense that Activision wants to continue making their most successful series available to as many consumers as possible with the release of Black Ops 2.

Nothing is confirmed as of yet, but we will keep you updated as this story develops.