Call Of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC Zombie Gameplay

A couple of videos to quench your thirst for the first Black Ops DLC, both clips show gameplay from the new Zombie map ‘Ascension’ and by gosh it looks good. The first video has some handy developer commentary to give a quick insight into what we can look forward to tomorrow, while the second video is apparently ‘leaked’ and someone got hold of the DLC package early…one more day? Seriously?

Ascension offers two new weapons (Gersch Device/Black Hole Bomb, Matryoshka Dolls), new space monkeys who can steal perks, in game mini achievements, a whole host of undisclosed secrets, and a range of new totally new perks including “Stamin-Up” and “PhD Flopper”, which I’m guessing involves increased sprint duration and something clever? Oh dear…

Anyway those of you who own an Xbox 360 will be able to get your hands on this…*wait for it*….tomorrow so make sure you have 1200 MS points to spare. Everyone else, tough luck you’ll have to wait till Activision and Treyarch can be arsed to give you a release date (charming as usual).