Call of Duty: Black Ops II’s Main Villain Is The “Messiah Of The 99%”


I’m a professional. I can get through this without having to rely on snarky comments about a conspiracy or some sort of hidden message here. I mean, just because Activision has announced that Black Ops II’s villain is the “messiah of the 99%”, that doesn’t mean anything. This is just a story.

After all, Raul Menendez looks like a seriously bad dude. He’s weaseled his way into the thick of things and is manipulating the class divide to wipe out the civilized world. That’s pretty much the definition of “bad guy”. Hell, this would be the equivalent of finding out that Oprah has a secret lair in which she’s built a giant magnet to throw the earth off orbit and into the sun.

Luckily it’s not all bad news in the world of Black Ops II. Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame has been brought in to score the opening theme. Reznor, who has earned a bit of notoriety composing the soundtracks for The Social Network and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, told USA TODAY:

“I started dipping my toe into film scoring. That led me to film scoring agents and whatnot and a variety of projects start to get thrown at you to check your level of interest. And quite a while ago I had heard, ‘Would you be interested in a big franchise video game?’ Being an avid gamer my whole life, I said, ‘Yeah, I would be interested in that.”

Reznor is no stranger to the genre as he previously scored Quake, back in the golden days of PC gaming. Sadly his talents will be limited to just the theme song, but Jack Wall, the man behind the soundtrack for Mass Effect, and Mass Effect 2, will have the honor of tackling the rest of the game

So we have Trent Reznor brought on to score a game where the villain is the savior of the 99% movement and is secretly manipulating the poor. It’s almost as if Activision wants us to remember that our corporate overlords know what’s best for us poor gullible puppets, and they can protect us from all of the scary things in the world. You know, like keeping new players from infecting my precious Diablo servers. Damn… and I was so close.

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