Call Of Duty: Black Ops Subscription Prediction

The topic of Activision introducing some form of online subscription, to its hugely popular online multiplayer on Call Of Duty: Black Ops, is sizzling everywhere at the moment.

I thought I’d throw together where we think this might lead, and basically what we expect (if anything) from it.

It has already been officially confirmed that the competitive multiplayer (currently available) will stay free to play just as it is; however there have been hints from Activision’s Bobby Kotick that a monthly premium service is on the table, waiting for some action *sobs*.

Obviously they kept tight lipped about it all before launch, because talk of extra fees would no doubt put a large number of folks off from the initial purchase, but now that millions of units have been sold and records have been shattered…I suspect the subscription question will be the next move for Activision.

So, what can we expect? I’d say it’s a safe bet to start by looking at elements where Black Ops is lacking; first up, is that there are not nearly enough playercard templates, with only around 17 pages of unlockable background strips. So maybe a handful of extra pages will be included exclusively for those who are willing to cough up some extra cash.

The second thing that comes to mind is zombie mode: aside from the World At War maps (which I believe are only playable with special edition codes), there are only TWO levels for zombie dismemberment needs, and while they are both very good, it doesn’t feel like enough at the moment. So access to either the WAW zombie maps, and/or a selection of totally new ones SHOULD be on the horizon…assuming the subscription comes before the first DLC.

Next thing that could be squashed into a monthly fee probably would include an additional game mode (or two), to potentially accommodate another style of play, or perhaps even a wacky new wager match to liven things up? A lot of subscription models are designed to deny you access to whatever ‘premium content’ you buy after a month, if you don’t pay up on the next due date. So to me it would make sense that they offer something that isn’t part of your permanent profile, rather more like ‘doorways’ to extra features.

A few such things could be; double the number of file share slots you are allowed, VIP access to exclusive double XP weekends, or even the option to download theatre mode clips onto your HDD. I’m confident that Activision won’t hit us hard with the pricing at first, but gradually slither this extra content into our hands, and quietly pick our pockets.

Will it be worth the ‘currency’… (awful pun of the day…you love it), after all you don’t actually GET anything.