Become A Blade Master With The Dead Rising 2: Off The Record BBQ Chef Skills Pack

Chefs are skilled in the kitchen. Trained to use knives and cleavers with great accuracy and speed, they’re pretty handy around a blade as well.

With the Dead Rising 2: Off The Record BBQ Chef Skill Pack, gamers can turn Frank West into a skilled cook. Available today for $1.99 or 160 Microsoft Points, it adds statistical boosts to knife attacks, health gained from eating meat and explosive effects.

This is the second skill pack released for the game, following in the digital footsteps of the game’s Cyborg Skill Pack.

Check out the press release below.

The second tasty DLC pack for Dead Rising 2 Off The Record is available today and is sure to satisfy.

Fire up the grill and become everyone’s favorite meat man with the BBQ CHEF skill pack. Get beefier attacks with the knife and cleaver, gain more health from delicious meats, cause bigger explosions to charbroil any zombies in range and make fatal use of the condiment bar!

The BBQ Chef skill pack is available beginning today from PSN and Xbox Live for $1.99 or 160MPs and consists of:

BBQ Chef Hat
BBQ Chef Face
BBQ Chef Apron
BBQ Chef Sandals

And will deliver the following bonuses:

Gain more health from grilled foods like BBQ chicken, ribs and hamburgers!
New attacks with the chef knife and meat cleaver!
Explosions are bigger!
Deadly attacks with ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard!