Blair Witch Heads To PlayStation 4 On December 3rd With New Content


Bloober Team may have missed a trick by not securing a Halloween launch for its latest release of Blair Witch, but the wait is almost over.

Well, for PlayStation 4, at least. Based on the 1999 film of the same name, Blair Witch has been terrorizing PC and Xbox One owners since launch back in the summer, and now it’s the turn of Sony followers to take those tentative first steps into the nightmare. Set in 1996 – three years prior to the original movie – players take on the role of Ellis Lynch, a former police officer with a troubled past. Committed to helping in the search for a missing boy, Ellis unknowingly walks into a waking nightmare as the trail leads him into Black Hills Forest.

Not that it needed stating, of course, but wild animals are far from the only entities that call this secluded woodland home.

Blair witch

Armed only with a mobile phone (you won’t get a signal out here in the sticks), Ellis’ path is obscured by visions and distortions, not just in time, but his own psyche, as he battles with his decaying sanity.

Suitably bleak, then, but Ellis isn’t entirely alone on his quest. Accompanied by his dog, Bullet, the canine companion is able to sniff out danger and pick up the missing child’s trail should it ever be lost. As an added bonus to coincide with Blair Witch‘s upcoming release, a new ‘Good Boy’ DLC pack centered entirely around the mutt will be available. The bundle includes new skins for Bullet, cellphone games, wallpapers and other additional content, says Bloober, and will be available for all platforms on December 3rd for an unspecified price.

Pre-download for the base game is available now on PlayStation 4 for $29.99.