Blizzard Announces Diablo III’s First Expansion: Reaper Of Souls


When Diablo III first came out, I was completely enraptured. I lost almost 200 hours in the first month or so, and then I just simply stopped playing. I’m still not sure why. I usually only played hardcore mode so I could avoid the real money auction house and add a bit more stress to the game, but it seemed like I just stopped playing overnight. Well, just over a year later, I’m starting to really get that itch again, and the timing seems perfect as Blizzard just announced the first expansion pack entitled Reaper of Souls.

Reaper of Souls is set to feature a few gameplay tweaks, including raising the level cap to 70, a brand new enchantment tool, “major” loot improvements and a brand new class in The Crusader. If that’s not enough, the paragon system will now be tied to your account, so all of your characters can benefit from your end game grinding.

We’ve got two trailers that you can check out below. The first one will give you a quick overview on what’s been added, while the second one touches upon the Diablo lore and introduces the fallen angel of wisdom, Malthael. Is this enough to get you clicking away again, or have you moved on to something else?

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