Hearthstone Has Surpassed 50 Million Registered Users; New Expansion Out Now


Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft, Blizzard’s hugely-popular competitive card game based on the Warcraft universe, has now surpassed 50 million registered users worldwide, the company has announced in a press release. The news follows yesterday’s release of Whispers Of The Old Gods, the latest expansion to the base game that adds over 130 new cards to collect and form new strategies with.

A much more important change has been made to the fundamental mechanics of Hearthstone with WotG however, which Blizzard says has been made to to reduce the amount of power creep in future content updates and give more value to existing cards.

In an effort to retroactively account for a future where there’s potentially thousands of combos to choose from, a new ‘Wild’ mode has been introduced, which allows players to use cards from any set, past or present, in an anything goes format. Standard, on the other hand, restricts decks to containing only monsters and spells released over the last two years. Presumably, cards included in the Classic set will never be rotated out of play.

Blizzard is currently running a promotion to celebrate the release of Hearthstone‘s newest expansionPlayers who log in during the release period will be given a series of special quests that, upon completion, will award several free packs from Whispers Of The Old Gods.