Blizzard Confirms Plans To Add More Overwatch Characters To Heroes Of The Storm


With Overwatch being as popular as it’s ended up, many fans of another current Blizzard title, Heroes of the Storm, have naturally been wondering if the publisher has characters planned to appear in their crossover MOBA. One character, Tracer, has been available in Heroes since April, but statements hinting at more heroes joining the fray have been hard to come by.

Destructoid writer Chris Carter recently reached out to Blizzard for any possible word regarding the possibility, and Kent-Erik Hagman, one of their lead designers, offered an encouraging statement:

I’d say the reaction to Tracer has been overwhelmingly positive! She has such a fun, almost militantly- positive personality that brings a unique voice to the Nexus. Having seen how our players reacted to her, you can definitely say that we’re looking at adding even more Heroes from Overwatch! There are so many awesome characters that we think would make great, unique additions to Heroes of the Storm.

While it certainly sounds like additional Overwatch appearances are a ways off from being released, Hagman’s confirmation of player and developer interest seems to make their additions all but certain. Considering that the game boasts over 20 diverse characters, there are a lot of possibilities regarding which ones will make the jump into Heroes of the Storm, as well as how they’ll be altered to fit the game’s drastically different playstyle.

Source: Destructoid