Blizzard Has Dibs On “Cute But Deadly” With Recent Trademark Application

Cute But Deadly Pandaren

Cute but deadly… cute but deadly… no matter how violently I rack my only mildly Blizzard-oriented brain, I can’t for the life of me come up with a logical explanation for what “Cute But Deadly” could possibly be about.

If you hadn’t heard, Blizzard Entertainment recently filed a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to ensure that Blizzard and Blizzard alone can make videogames revolving around this mantra.

Wait… that’s not right either. According to GameSpot, the trademark mentions nothing about videogames at all, but instead covers various “goods and services,” including but not limited to bottlecaps, t-shirts, socks, action figures, and papercraft, to name a few. As mentioned, the word “videogame” is no where to be found, so “Cute But Deadly” is likely not a reference to a specific game title, current or upcoming.

So let’s think about this… Pandaren are cute but deadly, no? Could that be the answer? I for one would be all for a line of skull-bashing, bamboo-munching action figures, complete with interchangeable outfits to fulfill the “cute” portion of the trademark. And while we’re talking about outfits, why not churn out some Pandaren paper dolls too? That’s a way to bring WoW to a young female audience if I’ve ever heard one.

Of course, there is the possibility that this is something entirely new. Could Blizzard be preparing some kind of Skylanders or Disney Infinity competitor, only with socks and drink caps in addition to plastic figures? What if they’re partnering with Coke or Pepsi, and we’ll be able to guzzle discounted soft drinks in exchange for collectible caps that we can then trade with friends to “catch ’em all?” I could easily see that tying into WoW as well, though personally, new IP or a new idea entirely excites me more.

Whatever it is that’s going on here, hopefully more info will float to the surface in due time. Or it’s a My Little Pony game. Or we may never hear about this again. Anything could happen, really.