Blizzard Releases A New Trailer For Diablo III As Well As A Tie-In Novel

Are you the type to jump into the middle of the fray with zero regard for your own well-being, but can’t be bothered with all of that bulky armor? Then Diablo III has just the thing for you. The latest character video focuses on the Monk class, which seems to play out as a mix between the Paladin and Assassin classes from Diablo II. You can check out the video for that below

But if that’s not enough to whet your DIII appetite, Blizzard has announced a tie in novel to be released on May 15th as well. Without giving much away, the novel follows series favorite Deckard Cain as he searches for other members of the Horadrim while accompanied by an eight year old girl thought to carry a curse. Deckard just can’t seem to catch a break can he? Anyways, the book is available for preorder on Amazon here along with a short excerpt to see if it’s something you’d be interested in.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.