Blood Knights Coming To Xbox Live Arcade On November 1st

Blood Knights Logo - Medium_7

Kalypso Media Digital, the company behind games like Tropico 3 and Sins of a Solar Empire, has announced that their latest title, Blood Knights, will be coming to the Xbox 360 on November 1st. The medieval hack ‘n’ slash will carry a price tag of $14.99.

Set during the battle between human and vampires, Blood Knights is a hack ‘n’ slash/RPG hybrid that will feature both single-player and co-op modes. In this war against vampires, a legendary Knights Templar and Vampire Hunter has been bound by blood to a powerful vampire named Alysa. Together, the two must team up in order to break the spell.

Playing like your traditional hack ‘n’ slash titles, Blood Knights will feature a variety of customization options for both characters. With 160 weapons and 40 armour elements, there is no shortage of ways in which you can take down your enemies. If that isn’t enough, players will also be able to use unique vampire powers by draining the blood of foes. These attacks can be utilized by either the Vampire Hunter or Alysa.

Although the title seems like it is meant to be played co-operatively, gamers can choose to tackle the adventure solo if they wish. Blood Knights features seamless swapping between the two characters and each one has a different skill set to use. The storyline will feature multiple choice dialogues that will alter the plot and will also have full narration and cutscenes.

Blood Knights is developed by Deck 13, who is perhaps best known for the fantasy RPG Venetica. Although that title was not very well received (it holds a 60% on Metacritic), this effort appears to be a completely different beast.

Blood Knights will be available starting next week on the Xbox 360, while other formats will receive the title on November 13th. For now though, we have a new trailer and additional screens for your enjoyment. Check them out below.