Bloodbath Arena Comes To Dead Island Next Week

Dead Island was a decent enough game to make myself, the seemingly only person on Earth who hates zombies, actually enjoy a zombie game. One of the things I loved most about the game was the lack of massive, overwhelming groups of the undead. For those who actually wanted this though, your DLC is coming next week.

Called Bloodbath Arena, the new add-on to Dead Island adds a survival mode to the main game, which tasks players with slaughtering endless waves of zombies, similar to Call of Duty‘s Nazi Zombies or Gears of War‘s Horde Mode.

The DLC will be available on PC, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network next Tuesday, November 22. Some people may have gotten a free download code as part of a pre-order promotion. Those who didn’t get it already will have to pay $10, or 800 Microsoft Points.

What say you, gamers? Ready to jump back into Dead Island?

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