Bloodborne Game Of The Year Edition Pegged For November 27


Much to the surprise of no one, Sony has peeled back the crimson curtain on the Bloodborne Game of the Year edition, confirming the comprehensive version of From Software’s adorned RPG will touch down on November 27.

Launching a mere three days after the release of The Old Hunters expansion (pegged for November 27), the GotY version will include the game’s meaty add-on, itself bundling in new environments, costumes and a deadly ranged weapon known as Simon’s Bowblade. You’ll need it, too, if you’re really setting out to topple the ghosts and ghouls littered around Yharnam.

Retaining the excruciating difficulty spikes that made the parent RPG so special, here’s what Sony’s Fred Dutton had to share about the expansion over on PlayStation Blog.

In addition to new environments, you’ll also gain access to new outfits and weapons to bolster your beast-battling arsenal, including a fearsome new ranged weapon called Simon’s Bowblade. On top of this, The Old Hunters also offers players the ability to go native and transform into terrifying beasts.

At one point, it was understood that From Software considered releasing The Old Hunters as two standalone pieces of DLC, but ultimately opted against a piecemeal approach and lumped both horror experiences under one umbrella – hooray! You can peak between your fingers at the official reveal trailer for the expansion trailer up above, which originally debuted back at TGS last month.

Bloodborne Game of the Year edition will bundle together the soon-to-be-released The Old Hunters expansion and a swath of extras when it launches exclusively for PlayStation 4 on November 27.