Bloodrayne: Betrayal Coming This Summer

Majesco Entertainment has announced this morning that the long awaited upcoming sequel to the vampiristic series BloodRayne will be appearing this summer on Xbox Live and PSN as a full-scale digital production. Betrayal will feature a stylized 2-D side scrolling, action packed, all new blood filled adventure.

“It’s been a long time since Rayne captivated players with her bold mix of brutality and beauty, and fans have been hounding us to release another BloodRayne installment. We are excited to once again partner with the creative and committed team at WayForward to bring Rayne back. BloodRayne : Betrayal delivers the action-packed experience franchise fans have been waiting for in a digital format that’s also accessible for new players unfamiliar with Rayne’s over-the-top, stylized gameplay.” – Jesse Sutton, CEO, Majesco Entertainment.

The Brimstone Society is back and has recruited Rayne for one final mission, to stop a vicious vampire massacre from happening. With a new partner and weapons to help Rayne fight her way through new puzzles and all new baddies, Betrayal has something to offer to both new and old fans of the series.

The game is being developed by WayForward, the award-winning team known for bringing franchise favorites back to audiences in exciting new ways. From what I have seen of BloodRayne: Betrayal, this may shape up to be one of the hottest digitally distributed titles this summer, and I for one can’t wait to get my hands on it later this year.