Blue Dragon And Lost Odyssey Both In Line For Xbox One Backwards Compatibility


Speaking to Wired earlier this week, Xbox boss Phil Spencer professed his love for the Xbox 360 exclusive JRPG titles Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon and revealed his intention to bring them to the Xbox One‘s backwards compatibility service in the – hopefully – near future.

Both games, released for the Xbox One’s predecessor as part of an initiative by Microsoft to spur interest for the console in Japan, were received well upon release, despite failing to capture the attention of their intended audience. Surprising, considering who was involved in making them both. Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon were developed by Mistwalker, a studio founded by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, with the in-house artist for the latter being none other than Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama.

Regardless, European and North American fans of both games will undoubtedly be ecstatic over the news, as are we. Interestingly, Spencer was also quizzed on the prospect of extending the Xbox One‘s backwards compatibility service to the original Xbox. Something that, Spencer says, is technically possible, but not in active development.

I’ve talked about a desire to do the original Xbox backward compatibility. We’re not working on that right now, but it’s theoretically very possible. On the CPU side, we could figure it out. I think people should have access to the games that they love. I was an Atari Jaguar owner. Why can’t I play Tempest 2000 anymore?

In other words, Microsoft doesn’t want you to hold your breath for such a thing to happen, but hasn’t ruled it out entirely. Here’s hoping that they include the feature in the upcoming Project Scorpio.

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