The Boondock Saints Game Will Be A Co-Op Shooter

Who doesn’t love The Boondock Saints? Everyone I speak to has a soft spot for the film and I personally can’t get enough of it. There’s no doubt that Troy Duffy‘s cult classic has a massive fanbase out there and it’s about time that the franchise was turned into a videogame.

Critical Mass Interactive will be taking on the responsibility and they recently dished on the game to G4. Here’s what CEO Matt Scibilia had to say.

“We don’t want to do a crap-ass franchise game,” Scibilia said. “We’re staying true to the content. We’re looking to expand the story, not just retell the franchise. The Boondock Saints characters are so strong — the banter, the relationships between Rocco and the brothers, the Catholicism, that will all be featured in the game.”

Scibilia then went onto say that the game will be a co-op shooter and though they would like to go the retail route, they may turn it into a downloadable game, perhaps of the episodic nature. All sounds fine by me.

As a huge fan of the film, and its sequel, I’d be first in line to purchase this. A co-op shooter featuring the MacManus brothers, what could be better? Throw in the fact that all the banter and relationships from the film will be featured in the game, and I’m starting to get real excited for this one.

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