Will Borderlands 2 Be Announced Soon?

According to a recent Eurogamer report, Borderlands 2 could be announced in the very near future. The article further mentions a targeted 2012 release window for the much talked about sequel, which they say will release on the XBOX 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

When Borderlands released almost two years ago, it did so to a grand reception. Many gamers like myself loved the immersive world which mixed colourful characters, over-the-top action and elements from at least a few different genres. Due to all of its received accolades, its creative director (Mikey Neumann) mentioned that a sequel would be a “no-brainer”.

If the report is true, then that means Gearbox Software has a lot on its plate right now. They’re currently working on downloadable content for the recently released Duke Nukem Forever, plus two other projects: Aliens: Colonial Marines for SEGA and Brothers in Arms: The Furious Four for Ubisoft.

Being a huge Borderlands fan, I’m eagerly anticipating this announcement, hoping that the report is in fact correct. The original game sucked up hours of my gaming time and became my favourite release of 2009. Hopefully the sequel will do the same.

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