Now That Borderlands 2 Is Finished, Gearbox Sets Its Focus On The Mechromancer

Borderlands 2 is officially finished. That means that, while the game is being looked over for certification, the guys from Gearbox can get to work on some other things, namely post launch efforts.

The team has started concentrating on the additional Mechromancer class that will be available as a bit of free DLC to anyone who pre-orders Borderlands 2. The Mechromancer is a human/machine mix in control of her own personal giant robot called D374-TP, and I can only hope that it has half the personality of the original Clap Trap. Though, I guess we’ll find out approximately 60-90 days after the game’s September 18 launch date.

We’ve known about this bonus for a while now, but knowing that the game is finished is even more exciting. I’m sure this is going to rustle the jimmies of some people, but it’s important to consider the following: once a game is sent out for certification there’s not really anything else a development team can do, so this seems like a good use of their time.

What are your thoughts?

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