These Borderlands 2 Gun Ads Offer Something For Every Situation

When Borderlands 2 launches during the mid portion of next month, it will offer a plethora of different weapon types from some rather interesting fictional manufacturers, such as Tediore, Vladof and Maliwan. What’s great is that each company will offer something different – a fact that is highlighted in their quirky commercials.

So, if you need a weapon to fight off an onslaught of perverts and marauders, but don’t have a lot of money, then you now know which company will have your back. Conversely, those who require something more powerful, or something with an elemental kick, will also know which type of weapon will be best for them. Then again, the great thing about the series is the fact that it pushes players to mix and match, providing something for every situation.

Borderlands 2 will give us another reason to stay indoors when it hits store shelves on September 18.


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