Borderlands 2 Unleashes Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt DLC

Fellow Vault Hunters, your excitement should be mounting a Skag and unleashing a fury of rocket propelled assault rifle rounds right now because Borderlands 2 now has new content available: Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt.

The newest piece of DLC will find players in an uncharted territory, deep in the swamps of Pandora, Aegrus. Players will see familiar faces from their previous Pandorian adventures, as well as entirely new characters such as the Hyperion Scientist Professor Nakayama.

Of course, you can probably already guess that Nakayama’s scientific prowess is more than likely going to be used as a means of bringing your hunt to an abrupt halt. Borderlands 2 fans already know the ridiculous nature of Sir Hammerlock, so expect an entertaining adventure through The Sun Swamps as you collect brand new loot and insane new bosses.

What would a big game hunt be without new enemies though? It would be nothing…that’s what. Lucky for us we’ll be facing off against the spider-like Two-Legged Drifters, Vampire Witch Doctors, and even flying Slagged Spores.

Here’s a simple explanation from the President of Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford, to elaborate on the nature of the new DLC:

“Claptrap needed work and Sir Hammerlock needs help, so Borderlands 2 players are called to action. Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt is a new, original campaign expansion to the Borderlands 2 experience featuring awesome new content including a new fan boat vehicle that can be rigged with a badass flamethrower to help fight tons of new beasts and tribal enemies and take their loot.”

Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt is available now for 800 Microsoft Points or $9.99 on PC and PS3. The Borderlands 2 Season Pass is still available for those of you looking to pick up the last two DLC packs as well. It’ll cost you 2400 Microsoft Points or $29.99 on PC and PS3, and it’s probably the best option if you plan on getting all four DLC’s.

So, are you already on the hunt in Borderlands 2? Let us know what you think of the new content in the comments below!