Borderlands 3 Being Built With Current-Gen Systems In Mind



As strange as it is that any news would filter out of a company’s financial calling — apart from economic information, of course — there has been a string of interesting tidbits coming out of Take-Two’s most recent quarterly report. Earlier this morning we brought you the news that Grand Theft Auto V had sold through a staggering 45 million copies across consoles platforms, and the company’s CEO Strauss Zelnick touched based on Evolve‘s much-maligned approach to downloadable content.

Now, we have some new information pertaining to Borderlands 3; in particular, how Gearbox Software’s new shooter will be built “specifically for next-gen” systems. Rather than straddling two consoles generations, it seems the developing team is doubling down on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As a matter of fact, just last week head honcho Randy Pitchford issued a recruitment call to the video game industry, looking for “awesome new people” to work on the studio’s upcoming installment in the bombastic series.

However, throughout the course of Take-Two’s report there was nary a mention of a potential release date or even window for Borderlands 3, which is understandable given that Gearbox currently has its hands full with the MOBA-esque Battleborn. With that in mind, it would seem safe to assume that the threequel won’t see the light of day until the early stages 2016 at least.

Borderlands 3 may be a ways away yet, but for those looking to get their fix of Gearbox’s shooter on current-gen systems, the recently-revealed Handsome Collection will make its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One come March 24.

Source: VideoGamer

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