Become A Boss With GTA Online’s Executives & Other Criminals


The latest in the ever-growing line of GTA Online expansions will soon be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and it looks like one of the most GTA-worthy expansions to the game so far. Imagine the affluent lives that the series’ protagonists have been striving for in GTA games over the years, and then multiply it by a hundred. Sound good? Well, that’s pretty much what’s on offer with Executives & Other Criminals.

The trailer for the expansion promises many of the to-be-expected additions including new vehicles and purchasable properties, but it also introduces a brand new way of upping the ante for Free Mode players. When the update is released you’ll be able to hire staff and bodyguards as you build up your empire, making yourself a shining beacon of greed and excess worthy of the gleaming Vinewood Hills.

But that’s not all, of course, and other players will be able to challenge you and attempt to lay siege to all of the beautiful things your (dis)honest work has brought to you. Face off against other criminal leaders and seek to stamp your supremacy on all of the other scum trying to climb their way through the ranks of Los Santos.

The trailer evokes tones and features of GTA: Vice City, and probably with good reason; the update rings true to much of the gangland warfare that that game built itself around, and looks like a truly must-have update for anyone tearing their way through the world in GTA Online.

Executives & Other Criminals is available for download from December 15th.