Brand New Pokémon Revealed In Latest Sword And Shield Trailer


Pokémon Sword and Shield have spent the last couple of weeks weathering a storm of negative fan reaction. The pair, which are ditching the aging 3DS in favor of Nintendo’s latest console, is a visual step-up in comparison to what’s come before but in order to achieve such fidelity, developer Game Freak has been forced to make sacrifices elsewhere. Indeed, come launch day for the Generation 8 games, veteran Trainers will no longer be able to bring their entire collections with them.

It’s a controversial decision, to be sure, and while some fans’ anticipation of the sequels has soured as a result of the diversion, there’s still no shortage of hype. As the main attraction, a plethora of brand new Pokémon are primed to greet you in the Galar region and while only a select few golden oldies will join them, Sword and Shield‘s Pokédex is shaping up nicely. Speaking of which, several such critters have been revealed in new footage released today, and you can see them in action above.

This is definitely a more eclectic collection of weird and wonderful ‘Mons I’ve never seen, especially Alcremie, which, according to its official description, produces whipped cream whenever it’s overcome with happiness. No, really.

Those wanting a further breakdown of all three newcomers can find all of the relevant details below:

Name: Alcremie
Type:  Fairy-type
Classification: Cream Pokémon
Ability: Sweet Veil

Name: Rolycoly
Type: Rock-type
Classification: Coal Pokémon
Ability: Steam Engine & Heatproof

Name: Duraludon
Type: Steel/Dragon-type
Classification: Alloy Pokémon
Ability: Light & Heavy Metal

As with all Pokémon available in Sword and Shield, these three additions will be able to take full advantage of the previously announced Dynamax feature in battle. As far as evolved forms are concerned, the trailer neither confirms or denies such details, though I’d be hard pushed to believe Rolycoly doesn’t have room to grow. Regardless, expect further details on all of the above as release day inches ever closer.

Until then, let us know in the comments below which of the three new Pokémon Sword and Shield arrivals is your favourite!