Break Some Laws With This Intense Need For Speed: Most Wanted Walkthrough

If you’ve been itching to see more gameplay footage from Criterion’s Need For Speed: Most Wanted revamp then you’re in luck. An incredibly visceral walkthrough hit the Internet today, providing us with some more must-see racing action. That, as well as a look at some of Fairhaven City’s detailed streets.

Racing fanatics can look forward to seeing intense, high-speed racing, as well as some well-crafted wrecks. As implied by the game’s criminally-inspired subtitle, most of the shown carnage is the result of a mixture of unsafe driving and police officer interference. Of course, that’s what makes these games so much fun, right?

Need For Speed: Most Wanted will speed onto retail store shelves on October 30 and, from the looks of things, the Xbox 360 version will feature Kinect support.