Brink ‘Ready And Able’ Trailer

Once again we are greeted by another informative/noisy/colourful trailer for Bethesda’s entry in this FPS season. Brink is looking to set itself apart from the majority of this year’s competition primarily because of its Team Fortress/TimeSplitters-esque art style. With a bold move toward a more comical and cartoony look, Splash Damage are hoping to break into the drowning category that is FPS with a ground up multiplayer integration ethos, a snappy approximation of parkour gunplay, and a sugar box of sweet sweet customization.

The funny thing is that most of the FPS games that are being released with theses ‘new’ mechanics all end up offering just a different lick of paint on a very similar experience by the time they are all completed and released into the wild. Take the slide mechanic for example – players can skid on their backsides towards enemies and blast happy holes into their surprised expressions – far too many games boast it as a major function that adds something fresh to the mixture.

Anyway Brink does look a little bit different so hopefully it will deliver the originality in the way we need it to. Personally I still think the ‘A Choir of Guns’ trailer is the best Brink trailer we’ve seen, simply because it presents the whole package in a much more chaotic and fun manner. Share your thoughts below if you feel so inclined.