Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Launches On PSN & Steam Today


For those without an Xbox 360 but with a PlayStation 3 or PC looking for a good downloadable release this week, you’re in luck. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, the stellar adventure game from Starbreeze Studios that kicked off Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade and has been an Xbox 360 exclusive for the past month, is making its way today both to Sony’s console via the PlayStation Network and home computers via Steam, costing $14.99 on both platforms.

Following two brothers in a medieval fairy tale-like world on a quest to cure their ailing father, the game utilizes a unique control scheme where each separate thumbstick on a gaming controller maneuvers each brother independently.

As you can see by our earlier review, Brothers definitely gets a high recommendation from this site and those looking for a unique and immersive fantasy adventure game would be smart to try it out.

We will keep you updated on future announcements regarding Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons as they develop. For now, tell us, will you be picking up the game if you haven’t done so already?