Browser-Based Borderlands Demake Released By Gearbox

As a franchise, Borderlands, with its undeniable character and charm, is perfect for a 16-bit demake. Usually, these projects are undertaken by the community surrounding a game, but Gearbox Software have always been as big a fan of their properties as even their most ardent supporter – and this delightful browser-based demake is the result of that passion.

A top-down arcade game in the style of Smash TV, the game features many of the defining characteristics of the series. Weapon drops are littered throughout, money acts as the scoring system, and whilst there is no customisation to speak of the level upgrades are prominently featured.

Salvador, Maya, Zero and Axton may be new to the franchise, but they are the ones that have been tasked with fighting off wave after wave of Midgets, Skags and other beastly Borderlands inhabitants. The choice of character appears to be purely cosmetic, but it is worth giving each a shot in order to see them in all of their 16-bit glory.

The enemies may not be as diverse or intelligent as they are in Borderlands 2, but they are still damn satisfying to shoot making this Borderlands demake worth devoting some time to. And, you can do precisely that, here.

Source: Eurogamer