The Bug Butcher Gets A Slimy New Trailer Ahead Of Release


With the The Bug Butcher set for release on January 19th, Awfully Nice Studios have unveiled a brand new trailer for their game. Full of frantic action, slimy enemies and a pulsing soundtrack, the new shoot ’em up looks set to be a surefire hit for fans of frenetic gameplay fun.

The game puts you in the shoes of Harry, the exterminator tasked with dispatching wave after wave of gruesome bugs. Each one will be blasted into gradually smaller chunks by Harry’s array of laser weapons, until finally he stands tall and victorious atop a squelching pile of gooey remains. Tasty!

The Bug Butcher offers a single player mode as well as co-op capabilities, but will limit its players in just one specific way; you’ll only be able to fire your weapons upwards. So picture Space Invaders with conjunctivitis and excess mucus flowing freely down and get a picture for what you and Harry will be facing, or just check out the trailer above and witness it all for yourself.

The Bug Butcher will be available through Steam from January 19th, so prepare your laser arsenal and make sure your helmet’s visor is propped in place to protect you from falling bug remains.

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