Bugbear Teases Possible Destruction Derby Or FlatOut Reboot

Bugbear Entertainment has teased a new demolition derby-style game on their website, that is currently being developed under the working title “Next Car Game”. While it is unclear exactly what the final game will be called, the teaser video seems to suggest that we could be looking at a reboot for either the Destruction Derby or FlatOut series.

In announcing their Next Car Game, Bugbear stated that it will be the “definitive demolition derby racing game”, and added that they are doing it “because nobody else seems capable of delivering the kind of game our fans have been asking from us every week”.

So far, the mystery game has only been announced for the PC and “yet to be announced platforms”. Judging from the teaser trailer, which is said to have been made using all “in-game footage”, we are guessing that those platforms would have to be either the next-gen Xbox or PlayStation 4.

[Update] Bugbear was originally on the PS4 developer list, however, they have since been removed in Sony’s revised list.

For those unaware of Bugbear or the Destruction Derby and FlatOut franchises, here is a quick history lesson.

The original Destruction Derby was developed by Reflections Interactive and was released in 1995 for the original PlayStation. As its name suggests, the game basically involved smashing into other cars on a track to score points or racing around a handful of tracks (and smashing into other cars). Side note: It was completely awesome!

The series continued for a few years under different developers, and finally lost steam after the 2004 release of Destruction Derby Arenas on the PS2. This is where Bugbear stepped in with the release of the original FlatOut, which is considered to be the spiritual successor to Destruction Derby. FlatOut racked up three titles in the series and was mostly shelved after 2007.

Check out the teaser trailer for the Next Car Game below, and let us know you thoughts in the comments. Is this a Destruction Derby / FlatOut reboot, or a new IP?