Bullet-Hell Shooter Score Rush Extended Blasts Onto PlayStation 4 Next Week


Indie publisher Reverb Triple XP announced today that they will be bringing Xona Games’ Score Rush Extended to the PlayStation 4 on May 31. The bullet-hell shooter is an upgraded version of the original Score Rush, which saw significant success on the Xbox Live Marketplace in Japan.

A throwback to the classics of the genre, Score Rush Extended is a no frills take on the shoot ’em up. Gone are the unnecessary storylines, customizable ships and massive hubs of modern day bullet-hell shooters. Xona Games is focused squarely on letting players destroy wave upon wave of enemies using a multitude of weapons. If the launch trailer is anything to go by, the action will be fast and relentless.

While it may not feature some of the trappings of its contemporaries, the shooter does boast one unique mode. The game supports four-player local co-op, so you and three friends can team up in order to both make killing easier and more confusing to watch. The co-op play even extends to Dual Play mode, which means that all four players can have two ships to control. Of course, the game is fully playable by yourself, as well.

As a fan of the shoot ’em up genre, I was excited by the prospect of Score Rush Extended coming to the PS4 as soon as I saw the press release. However, after reading what Xona Games co-founder Matthew Doucette said on the PlayStation Blog, my interest was further piqued. Both Matthew and his brother Jason are clearly fans of the genre, and their idea of boiling the genre down to its essentials is nice to see. I did really enjoy modern takes on the genre such as Velocity 2X and DariusBurst Chronicle Saviours, but sometimes you just want straight-up arcade action.

We expect to have a full review of Score Rush Extended available for next week’s launch, so stay tuned!