More Bulletstorm Screenshots

This time EA/Epic are giving us a juicy palette of colours that FPS games temporarily forgot, further demonstrating that People Can Fly are enjoying their rebellious creativity. We’ve got some dramatic sweeping shots, up close bloodbaths, and guns that look like they’ve fallen out the rear end of a kaleidoscope. 

Meanwhile People Can Fly’s not so subtle piss take of Call Of Duty, ‘Duty Calls’ has been enjoying a cool 1.5 million downloads (look it up…it’s free),  and the developers seem to be having quite a lot of fun preparing the gates for Bulletstorm’s arrival. Aside of course, from slapping an Activision bounty on their own heads (I can imagine the office assassins sharpening their pencils now).

We’ve been talking about Bulletstorm for ages now, I’ve played the demo six million times, watched all the trailers and diary videos, but now I just want the sodding thing to come out. February is going too slowly.

Check em out.