Bungie Comes Clean On Why Peter Dinklage Is Being Replaced In Destiny


Its already been made official that Game Of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage has been dropped from Bungie’s triple-A Destiny, but now the developer has come clean in an interview with Game Informer to provide an explanation for the decision.

Executive Producer for the record-breaking first-person shooter/MMO hybrid, Mark Noseworthy, said the following in regards to why the actor was cut:

It’s more on the [Hollywood] nonsense side of things. Dinklage was awesome to work with on Destiny but we just needed to work with someone who is more available. Nolan is a pro, this is his thing.

We can call him up and say ‘hey, next week can we do this thing we’re doing this internal play test and it would be great to get some Ghost dialogue in there instead of that robot voice that we use,’ and he’s available.

The decision seems to have been made purely from a practical standpoint. Nolan North is one of the most well-known voice actors in video games, and it’s a full-time occupation for him. Dinklage, on the other hand, is primarily a Film and TV actor who has other commitments.

The statement disproves suspicions that Dinklage had been dropped due to fan dissatisfaction with his performance in the original release of Destiny. With the announcement that the Ghost character’s role will be vastly expanded in Destiny’s The Taken King expansion, it’s arguably a wise choice in the long run to replace Dinklage with a professional voice actor like Nolan North.

Source: VideoGamer

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